Sunday, January 13, 2013

Books onscreen: Life of Pi; and life so far

Ang Lee's Life of Pi is an excellent screen adaptation of  Yann Martel's novel. I liked the book a lot and thought the movie did it justice, without harming my appreciation for the book.

Just came back from China, specifically, Nanjing and Xiamen, where 3 out of four grandparents originally came from.

 Also, survived first real work week at new job, which, fortunately enough, I enjoy. Only, the commute to and from work leaves me little time with my family, much less myself. LAST FRIDAY, IT TOOK ME ABOUT THREE HOURS FROM OFFICE TO S's school, and L had to fetch her. S had been dismissed around 2 and had been waiting for me for 4 hours. Hopefully, we find a solution soon.

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