Saturday, December 22, 2012

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Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

1. I couldn't get past the first few pages of "The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing", when I first got my hands on this book a few months ago. Seeing the movie helped me get past this hump, and I'm glad it did (and that I did get past said hump).

2. I think I prefer the movie over the book, though, mostly because I prefer the nonlinear narrative structure  employed in the movie (the editing is fabulous) to the structure employed in the book. Likewise, I felt that the movie was able to deliver the various "messages" that the book's texts did, without having to do so as pointedly. That several actors in the movie played different characters also added an interesting layer of complexity to the work.

3. What drew me in the most was the Orison of Sonmi-451.

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