Saturday, October 1, 2011

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How We Are Hungry, Stories by Dave Eggers

Interesting; it made me realize that I do want to be transported elsewhere when I read fiction.

The first story, "Another" transported me elsewhere.

Interesting, because some stories are sort of speculative, or otherwise experiment with the narrative form:

"Your Mother and I"

"When They Learned to Yelp"

"After I Was Thrown in the River and Before I Drowned".

And then there are the Lydia Davis/Palm of the Hand stories that interest me as a form:

"What It Means When a Crowd in a Faraway Nation Takes a Soldier Representing Your Own Nation, Shoots Him, Drags Him from His Vehicle and Then Mutilates Him in the Dust"

"On Wanting to Have Three Walls Up Before She Gets Home"

"She Waits, Seething and Blooming"


"About the Man Who Began Flying After Meeting Her"

--although they are all less quirky, and so much more grim.

Will move on to Kawabata's Palm of the Hand stories next.

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