Tuesday, August 9, 2011


1. Congratulations to blissery/sungazer for winning first prize for poetry in the 2011 Palanca Awards; and to Aste Gutierrez, for winning first prize for Short Story in English. His winning piece, Big Man, was the opening story of Philippine Speculative Fiction 6.  :)

2. A very short piece of mine, Revision, appears in this week's Philippines Graphic. Thank you, Bibliophile Stalker, who called to give us a head's up about this.There is a slight error in the typography that makes the piece more confusing than it should be. (The third to the last and last paragraphs should be indented and italicized, the second to the last paragraph, indented even further, and in smaller, bold font.) So if the same error appears in the online version of Graphic, I might eventually post the correct version online (the risks of making a Chinese-box-type of microfiction).

Still, I am very, very, very grateful to Graphic for publishing this work. And the artwork is awesome.


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