Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moving in with the latest news in tow

My little corner in cyberspace has let me down one too many times, and so I'm moving on. Literally and figuratively.

Here's what's been happening while things were down:
1.  I just confirmed that something I made will be anthologized in Motherhood Statements, edited by Cyan Abad and Rica Bolipata-Santos. Target launch date: Mother's Day (May) 2012. It had been accepted earlier, but there were negotiations about some changes to the work. That's all been settled now and I am happy to report the good news.

2. We adopted a 2-week-old kitten. My husband picked it up from the wet garage floor during a storm. It had been abandoned by its mother (I had ignored the mewling the entire day). My daughter wanted to keep it. I brought it to the animal shelter, which turned us away, partly because it was full, but partly too because the kitten is so young and hasn't been weaned yet. Which means I got sent home with a bottle and infant formula. I need to feed it three times a day, and then make it pee and poo. Ewww. I did all three yesterday, much to my daughter's delight. (Not mine, believe me.)

This is what I get for praying to St. Francis of Assisi a few days back.

Oh and did I mention the little kittycat was rescued on a Wednesday?

3. September, come quickly. Under the Storm, that volume of contemporary poetry edited by Khavn de la Cruz and Joel M. Toledo, will be launched on the second. My little contribution (No. 92) comes after Marra PL Lanot's. So...Wow. It's my third time to be included in an anthology released this year--the first being Kritika Kultura (February 2011) and the second, Philippine Speculative Fiction 6 (May 2011)--but the first submission that's come to fruition this year. So, yey! Launch begins at 6 pm at the Ayala Museum.

4. It looks like I'm teaching two philosophy and law courses beginning 2012.  I need to get my papers ready for my MA application, as applications are received only until 12 August.

More updates later. Have a story deadline to deal with. :) And the Litcritters meet up in a bit.

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