Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Workshop' in the Philippines Free Press

The fabulous Fred Jordan Carnice and awesome Shane Carreon let me know that my piece, "Workshop", which I wrote for the [insert all superlatives in the dictionary here] Chingbee Cruz's advanced creative writing class (which profited much from Chingbee's comments, as well as the suggestions of my classmates and the panelists of the 50th SNWW--yes, it was discussed there as well), has gone live here.

If I recall correctly, the piece was inspired by Jack Gilbert's Michiko Dead.

Shane's poem, "Ellipses", also appears in the same issue of Free Press.


  1. Ang galeng-galeng. Congrats sa inyong dalawa, ate tin, kuya shane :D

  2. Salamat, Jepoy! Kelan ka nga ba mapupuntang Maynila? :)

  3. I'm running out of confetti here. Throwing sunflower petals instead.