Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Best Filipino Stories: The NVM Gonzalez Awards, 2000-2005 (Gemino Abad, Gregorio Brillantes, editors)

Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English 1956-1972 (Volume 2; Gemino Abad, editor)

Underground Spirit: Philippine Short Stories in English 1973-1989 (Volume 2; Gemino Abad, editor)


I was blown out of my mind by Cesar Ruiz Aquino's Stories (1989), and am now a Marianne Villanueva fan. I also liked HV Paredes' Alibi at Loleng's (1969). Norma O. Miraflor's Hello Felisa also moved me. Of course everything by Greg Brillantes was brilliant. (I finally read the "original"  Fiery Sun, Crystalline Sky.)

Of course these choices speak more of my own predilections (especially since I was reading while sick) and interests (I was also reading to get me into the mood to finish off some stories).


More on Brillantes' Fiery Sun, Crystalline Sky. It does seem to me that it would have been easier to have re-made  Fiery Sun, Crystalline Sky as a cougar-story.

But then again, would that have been too "literal" a (literary) translation?

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