Friday, August 23, 2013

"Dimsum" makes Ellen Datlow's long list for The Best Horror of the Year

A story I wrote for the Bibliophile Stalker, Charles Tan, which found its way to Lauriat: A Filipino Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology, has somehow made its way to Ellen Datlow's long list for The Best Horror of the Year. 

The Best Horror of the Year is "an annual compendium of multiple-award winning editor Datlow's selections of horror fiction and poetry published in the previous year." 

So happy to be on this list together with Kristine Ong Muslim (who told me the good news and was so happy); Eliza Victoria; Yvette Tan; Gabriela Lee; Margaret Kawsek, Isabel Yap, Ken Liu, Margo Lanagan, Nalo Hopkinson, Jeffrey Ford, Nick Mamatas, Tannith Lee, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Mari Ness, Jane Yolen, Joyce Carol Oates, Amy Hempel, Junot Diaz, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Joe Hill...



Very grateful to Charles Tan for picking up my story and to Ms. Datlow for including this in her long list.

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