Saturday, June 15, 2013

#RP612fic now an Independence Day "Twitter Party"

...according to PhilStar Supreme's Don Jaucian. It did feel much like a party last June 12, and an awful lot like community. Which makes #RP612fic an excellent, excellent celebration of Philippine Independence in cyberspace, where some of us have already taken up residence.

Since 2009, Paolo Chikiamco of Rocket Kapre has invited pretty much anyone to post 130-character alt-history tweets on Independence Day, and then rounds up the tweets post-party. Read all about #RP612fic and previously compiled tweets here

There were a lot of #RP612fic tweets this year, and I especially enjoyed the ones which used more current material (for example, the Serendra blast; the last elections; forthcoming elections)  as tweet-material. There was something for everyone to read and retweet. My friends in academia "favorited" tweets that had some reference to Rey Ileto's landmark study, "Pasyon and the Revolution".  A friend of mine liked tweets with pop culture references to GoT and Dr. Who (as I did) though another acquaintance did not. 

This year, PhilStar Supreme posted its own selection of "the best" #RP612fic tweets.  Its selection appears in a Flash album underneath the text.

What PSS seems to have been looking for were tweets that "dr[e]w us closer to our roots," made us "brush up on [our] Philippine History and Literature to see how our battles and struggles have much in common with [pop culture] themes and storylines", and showed that "Philippine myths and stories are slowly taking center stage". (By the way, thank you, Don, and PSS, for featuring a tweet I'd made riffing off the Star Maiden myth and Noli Me Tangere's Maria Clara. :) )

Rocket Kapre will be posting its compilation of #RP612fic tweets on Monday. 

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