Sunday, December 2, 2012

Accountability report: Likhaan 6

No, the work itself doesn't appear in Likhaan 6, but it does get mentioned in the introduction by its editor, Gemino H. Abad:

"There are quite a number of remarkable poems that I personally would not hesitate to include in an update of A Habit of Shores should I venture again into those woods "lovely, dark and deep, for instances, each one for wholeness perfectly chiseled--Jov Almero's "palindrome"; Miro Capili's "Monet's Last Yellow"; F. Jordan Carnice's "Relativities"; Albert B. Casuga's "Graffiti: Five Lenten Poems"; Nolin Adrian de Pedro's  "caxton" [link brings you to an early, different version of the poem]; Vincent Dioquino's "candescence"; Jan Brandon Dollente's "When I say the sky opens its mouth"; Eva Gubat's "A Telling of Loss"; Pauline Lacanilao's "A Crowded Bus Stops Abruptly"; Christine V. Lao's "Swatches"; R Torres Pandan's "Remembering Our Future"; Trish Shishikura's "The Manner of Living"; Jaime Oscar M. Salazar's "Clinch"; Arlene Yandug's "Aporia"."

Many thanks to Shane Carreon, whose poem inspired me to write "Swatches", and to Kritika Kultura, which published it last July.

(Arlene Yandug's  beautiful "Aporia" made it to the long list of a poetry contest sponsored by AsianChaLittle Girl Lost not only gets mentioned in the introduction; another poem ("Eurydice Rebooted") is excerpted in the introduction. EnterDuration's untitled collection beginning with the poem "Angle Mort" also gets mentioned. We both want to read the comments on our work. :))

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