Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marking time

Dear Past-self-of-22 March,

I have done what you'd expected of me. I've completed the last 12 units of course work. It was more difficult this time around, partly because I'd accepted an offer to teach, partly because I'd taken on a client or two early in the semester, partly because I'd needed to play some role at the PTA at S's school, and partly because two of the four subjects I'd enrolled in were comparative literature subjects. It was tough to use both sides of my brain (which was what it felt like most of the time). I did better in my comparative literature subjects, though--which did not surprise me. I needed to work on the comparative literature papers--which, it turns out, was good for preparing for the thesis--but I didn't have enough time to write as much as I'd wanted to. This semester reminded me mostly of how it used to be, trying to find the time to write something--anything--whenever I wasn't working (which was close to never).

There is, however, a language exam requirement that we need to pass before I can move on to the thesis. We'll be in school a little bit longer than we'd hoped. But I think it will all turn out to be for the best.

S has grown so much since last summer. I hope I have too.


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