Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage, by Alice Munro


The first story didn't appeal to me when I first got the book, and so it gathered dust on my shelf for quite a while (too much bleak Ontario and deliberately ugly, hard, seemingly unlovable characters). Neither did the Alice Munro story we discussed in Chary Lucero's class (Child's Play) strike me as anything other than weird--there's a hardness in some of her characters, who seem to be struggling with a lot of guilt, and ending up with so little redemption. But Chary Lucero gave such an inspired and enthusiastic reading, introducing us to the genius devices used in the story--and Alice Munro has been mentioned over and over in all my classes, and in all the recent books I've read--so I decided to give HFCLM another go.

And guess what,  what I've read so far is compelling to say the least (I skipped the first story though). This book's on my bedside till the end of the year.

Meanwhile, Michael A.R. Co's The God Equation is loaded on the Kindle, and up next. :)

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