Thursday, December 22, 2011

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Love Your Frenemies, by Mina V. Esguerra

Loved the character development--which was a challenge, I'm sure, for the author, as the protagonist, Kimmy Domingo, was the villain in a previous novel. There were passages that made me laugh out loud, and there were passages, too, that made me tear up. (Example: A tiny detail about Kimmy figuring out that her best friend took her wedding-color-scheme from the walls of the first house that friend had called home.) The transitions between chapters were seamless, even as the novel mainly had a now-then-now-then movement (except for the start and end, of course). She also ends every chapter with a memorable line--so very Kerima Polotan (as my Fiction 210 teacher would say).


Started off on Stephen King's On Writing and Louise Gluck's Meadowlands. Casting about restlessly these days for ideas regarding the story due on the 30th, coming up with nothing much so far. Looking toward the shore to get some direction.


Meanwhile: Blindness; insight; tragedy.

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