Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rocket Kapre reviews 'From The Book of Names My Mother Did Not Give Me'

Paolo Chikiamco and Mia Tijam have been posting a story-by-story review of the pieces included in the Philippine Speculative Fiction VI anthology edited by Nikki Alfar and Kate Aton-Osias.

This week, they review my piece, "From The Book of Names My Mother Did Not Give Me".  Mia also comments briefly on A Girl's Guide to Love in The Big City, which I wrote for Nikki Alfar and Kenneth Yu, and is available at the site, www.philippinegenrestories.com

No, there aren't any spoilers here. Go read the review  yourself and find out what they think!

Pao and Mia, thank you for your review.  A totally unexpected, but totally appreciated read on a day like this!

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