Friday, November 23, 2012


1. So. I'm beginning to work on my thesis. I can't believe it's only been a year since I began life-as-a-full-time-student after becoming a mom and all the other things I've become (and therefore, am, or supposed to be).  It's pretty ambitious work, and I wasn't quite able to meet this week's quota (number of words). But, as they say, tomorrow's another day.

2. I'm sitting in a poetry workshop class facilitated by Paolo Manalo. Tomorrow, we enter an iambic zone and can only speak in iambs. Dr. Manalo has graciously agreed to mentor my thesis. (Was that last sentence iambic? Hmmm...)

3. This week was quite busy. Monday, met up with a bunch of people I met at the Filipinas Heritage Library classes of Chingbee Cruz. We firmed up our plans for a book project of sorts and workshopped some new works by I and P. We ended near midnight, and something quite scary happened while I was driving home, so I don't think I'll be staying out late (if I can help it). Times are hard these days.

Today, spent time with L & E figuring out how we can help each other with our final projects by the end of the semester (or the MA program). It was fun, but exhausting too! Will be talking to G & N tomorrow about the same thing. Hopefully we get to help each other do what we think we want to do. Good thing A has joined us, even if online. He's a virtual fount of knowledge, and generous to a fault.

4. Spoke with S's teachers for the quarterly powwow. From all accounts, it seems that they love her. She's been having some trouble with a formerly close friend, though. I hope the row blows over by Monday.

5. I began a few hundred words on a new flash fic piece for the thesis project. But it's been slow going. The Chinese language exam worries me. And the thing-of-beauty project--I need more time for that too. Sigh.

6. Last week, helped Mr. Hubs & friends run a conference, tutored S, cleaned the kitchen sink and refrigerator.

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