Saturday, August 11, 2012

What doesn’t kill you

Absinthe, it was once believed. Abstinence before a fight. Balut for the knees. Cannibalism and its distant relative, Criticism-Self-Criticism. A balanced diet, though the protein-carbohydrate ratio is the subject of contention. Of an electric field, the charge and the distance. Of a gravitational force, the mass of two objects and the distance between. The Holy Spirit, if you believe. Of an electromagnet, the intensity of its windings. Lady Justice on your side, or so they say. Kettlebells for the inclined. If lacking courage, St. Augustine of Hippo. Marriage, it seems, but less so for women. O gue, or Grandmother's black chicken soup. Prayer, they said. The rosary as scapular, talisman. Sleep, but not sleepwalking. If social contract, then myth. When threatened by unicorns, a virgin. Vitamin supplements with therapeutic claims or without. If possible, non-exposure to X-rays. Your weapon of choice.  If lacking libido, zinc.

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