Wednesday, August 8, 2012


1. Friends rescued from flood: 2 (Thank you, #rescuePH!)

2. Origami cranes: 2

3. Origami "flapping birds": 2

4. Revised draft: 1 (not yet done)

5. Bathroom cleaned: 1

6. Leaks (roof): 4

7. Rooms cleaned: 2 (living room, sala)


In the course of finding help for a cousin and a secretary trapped in Sitio Olandes, Marikina, and helping my husband match someone who wanted to send some eggs to Sitio Olandes/Industrial Valley Subdivision, I learned that some neighbors and friends from Barangay IVS have organized some kind of system for assisting stranded residents from the area. They are distributing food (lugaw) and clean water, wading through mud and muck to get to the residents. They aren't politicians or community leaders--as far as I can tell (or, more accurately, gather from Ricky Olivares on Twitter). I'd mistakenly thought they were conducting relief operations on behalf of the community or the city government--but was quickly corrected. God bless you, anonymous volunteers at Industrial Valley/Olandes, Marikina. You guys are awesome.

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