Monday, August 13, 2012

Books on break

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Narcissus, by Mark Cayanan

A few pages into the collection and I'm loving it. Why, why, why didn't I open it sooner?

Taking a break from reviewing the little one for quarterly exams.

At the University Press, S. and I saw old copies of a journal where I'd been published. Just noticed that I'd been published together with a (recent former) teacher in that same issue.

Today's class was pretty good. I think I've hit on a good way to get the kids read primary texts AND think for themselves. :)


1. Pieces of roofing material that need to be replaced - 3

2. Books purchased - 5

3. Scheduled tasks accomplished - 3


  1. You'll have to tell me about that tip for students. More than a decade of teaching, and I'm still fumbling.

    And oh! I haven't bought a copy of Narcissus but have long wanted to. You've just reminded me.

  2. It's a small enough class to have reports turn into study groups. I write 4 (quiz) questions on the board. An assigned reporter leads the class in discussing the primary text, everyone pitches in to figure out the answers to the questions (thesis statements) on the board to get a good quiz grade. After a bit, I tell them to stop discussing and take the quiz. The assigned reporter does not take the quiz. His/her grade depends on his/her report + the average grade of the class. The class discussions/study groups are awesome and funny. Oh, and while they "take" the quiz, I "chat" with the reporter about details he/she didn't tackle in his/her report. Or, as what happened during the last class, about issues from secondary material that the reporter had brought into the discussion!