Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How was your day?

Today. Filed what needed to be filed, paid what needed to be paid, walked around the place where part of me still lives a life parallel to mine. Spent most of the afternoon drinking iced tea and sago, with the little one in tow. Spent the evening with young people studying under/with my husband.  And now I am tired, yes, tired of walking, and stepping over things, seeing, unseeing,  doing, not doing, misunderstanding, &, well you know the rest.

Here are some of the things I told the kids:

1. Some people are good for you; some are not. The trick is to find the ones who help you, more often than get you into trouble, wittingly or otherwise. It's a lot like love, I think. Some people, you love with a passion even when they never ever love you back. You can continue as before, I suppose, if you're the type of person who blooms while in the throes of unrequited love. But I am too old for all that, though I don't look it, though I don't usually feel it, as I do now.

2. So much easier to be angry (self-preservation).

The world is far more complicated than we think. We read it as though the text were black on white, when everything is in color.

3. One must never give the impression that one is the fount of wisdom, as it is bad to style oneself as an inexhaustible well. If there is anything we must learn from current events, it's this: everything is slowly revealing itself to be nonrenewable, exhaustible.

4. When I was seven, I dreamed that an angel with a flaming sword visited me and told me I would die  a virgin saint. I woke up and told my mother. She laughed me out of the house of dream.

And here is what I didn't tell them: Those older than you can tell what you know and don't; when you're trying to impress, and when you're simply trying to be.

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