Thursday, February 23, 2012

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life.after.theory: Toril Moi (edited by Michael Payne and John Schad)


Can I claim Toril Moi and Virginia Woolf  and Gayatri Chakraborty Spivak as my mothers too?


In other news, L is back, safe and sound, from Singapore; we had a nice chat last night about postcolonialism-as-lived--inevitable, really, once you've come back from a place outside our own--the PC experience being the current project I'm trying to approach, sideways.

Writing now, at my age, is living--this is life-after-theory for me. And yes, it's a big deal, having been a female Filipino Philosophy student who had, at first, studied, and then lived, and thought in terms of theory all these years, impatient for the real thinking to begin. And then life happened, and thought gave away and disappeared, and now there's writing, which is also thought.

Now I see why I couldn't have continued the Philosophy after college (and didn't). Now I'm glad I didn't, because I think it's probably one of the major reasons why it's taken me this much time to live what for me is a human life.


I had chosen my college course to enlist for a course on Philosophy of Woman, which, of course, was not offered during the four years I sat through the course. I heard that it was taught (or there were plans of having it taught)--by a man (likely a priest).


A certain 'male-ness' and 'female-ness' in ways of thinking, of writing. I feel guilty thinking and describing lived experience in these terms. But what other words are possible to describe?

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