Friday, February 10, 2012

Books for Breakfast & Bed


21st-Century Modernism: The "New" Poetics,  by Marjorie Perloff

Once again, something I appreciate very much; may lead to third project.

After reading the second chapter (Gertrude Stein): I understand Lydia Davis much better. And I think I now know what I and a couple of other people are/have been attempting. (Yes, I don't know much of what I've been doing. Which is a good thing, apparently, at least according to Stein.)

And dear members of my self-baptized School of Colegiala Poetry: Meet Lola Gertrude, our other mother (the first mother, being Mother Superior--haha).

Also: The eroticism of Stein's "chair and plenty of breathing." Wow.

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