Wednesday, August 3, 2011

E-reads in the evening

Cats on the Menu!--

Cat Valente's White Lines on a Green Field: Spectacular for its usage of the coyote-rabbit trickster motif of American folk tales. Only Cat Valente can make me sit through Americana and love it. As usual, powerful command of language; not a single false note.

Kat Howard's Choose Your Own Adventure: I love the concept. The meta-discourse, the nested (and subverted) tale tropes--I love all that too! It's closest to the things I like (or I'd like) to do.

Cat Rambo's The Immortality Game: Realist sensibility, but spec fic/fantasy all the way. Fascinating premise, strong narrative, and insightful commentary nested within all that! Cat Rambo's a genius.


Meanwhile, two nights ago, I was reading all the stories up on PGS Online. My favorite is currently Erin Chupeco's Kapre: A Love Story.  Now the "love story" is not my thing at all; but the storytelling here is pitch-perfect, and breaks your heart at just the right time, at the just the right spot.

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